Timeline Series: Part 10 | Reception!

It’s party time and we’re HERE FOR IT!! Receptions are a part of the day that we get to step back and document the moments as they happen, and it always results in some of our favorite photos. As much as we value giving direction and guidance on your wedding day, we love this time to document all the raw emotions. We’re huge fans of first dances for this reason!! Below you’ll find links to our previous posts going through a complete wedding day. If you’ve read through them all, CONGRATS! You’ve made it!! If you missed any previous posts, here are the links for you to easily access them!

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This includes your introduction as Mr. & Mrs., all the dances with your special people, cake cutting, toasts, and of course some party dancing! We have flashes to make sure our photos are bright and stay consistent with our style for the rest of the day! We want your reception photos to reflect all the fun and genuine reactions of all your guests!


The timeframe of your reception is definitely something to discuss with your planner since we won’t be giving any directions during this time. However, in our past experience, a three-hour reception with about one and a half hours of party dancing is always great! You want to have time for everyone to get on the dance floor, however, there is definitely a point when we’ve photographed all the main dance floor stars and have documented all the events of the evening!

What We Capture: 

We will capture your grand entrance, dancing, speeches, and everything else that happens in front of our cameras!!

Tips & Tricks: 

-if you’re planning to stay later than your photography coverage, consider doing a staged exit! This can be with your immediate family & bridal party, or it can have all your guests included! This allows us to get some “send-off” photos and for you to keep partying! We also highly recommend handing your guests fire as early in the evening as possible 😉

-Consider doing your first dances AFTER dinner. This allows us to get all our lights set up and prepare without rushing after your entrance!

-On the flip side, if the timeline allows, we LOVE when first dances align with some evening glow outside!! First dances outside at sunset are a dream!

-We highly recommend cutting your cake before the dance floor opens! This could look like entering, eating dinner, doing your first dances, cutting the cake and then putting on the party music!

-Don’t be afraid to get out on that dance floor with your new husband!! You two are the reason everyone is there and it’s so fun to have the bride and groom out dancing, even if it’s just for one song! Those photos are our favorite, as you’ll see below 😉

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April 12, 2022


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