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Family photos!! Everyone’s fave part of the day 😉 No, but seriously! These don’t have to be stressful! Laura will have a list and a pen so we can ROLL through this in a timely manner and get all these essential photos. The key here is to keep everyone educated about where they need to be and at what time! If you want to get all the photos done beforehand, great! Make sure Uncle Bob is on the same wavelength (if your uncle’s name is Bob, we can’t wait to meet him) and knows where to be. Below you’ll find information on timing and some tips and tricks! If you’ve missed our previous posts, check them out below as well. And if you’ve been faithfully reading these weekly posts, you’re our favorite bride ever.

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Family Photos

So many people come together for your wedding day and we know how important it is to get photos with these people who have been a big part of your life!! We will fully instruct y’all and your family members during this time to make sure everyone is in the right place and knows what to do! Our goal for this time is for it to go as quickly and smoothly as possible!



Whether or not you are doing a first look affects this part of the day. If you are doing a first look, we need 20 minutes for the smaller groupings on the bride’s side, and 20 minutes for the groom’s side before the ceremony. These are all done separately so that you and your groom are not together before the ceremony. We would also need an additional 15 minutes after for the photos that involve both of you together

If you choose to share a first look with your groom, we typically try to do all family photos beforehand. Since we can roll through it quickly with everyone in one spot, we allow 30 minutes for these photos, with possibly an extra 10 minutes after if needed for any family not arriving until the ceremony.


What We Capture: 

We send out a pre-wedding day questionnaire four weeks before your wedding with typical groupings for family photos, which includes photos with your immediate family and grandparents. If you would like to incorporate any larger groupings (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.) we will need some extra time for those photos, whether they come early before your ceremony or take time during the reception to get these photos done.


Tips & Tricks: 

#1 If you want a very large group photo and don’t want to have to wrangle all family members after the ceremony, ask your DJ to announce this at your reception and we will grab this photo!

#2 Make sure you communicate ahead of time with WHO needs to be WHERE. Feel free to ask us about timeline details or contact your planner!

#3 Immediate family photos and your grandparents are top priority and in our list of usual photos. If there are additional photos you would like, let us know in the questionnaire or send us an email so we can account for this!

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March 11, 2022


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