Timeline Series: Part 6 | The Ceremony

Tuesday’s blog post was all about Bridal Party photos. Today we’re moving onto Part 6 of this series and we’re going to cover your ceremony and how we capture it, twin style! 😉 To view Parts 1-4 of the series, click the links below:

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Ceremony Photos

You know, the part of your wedding day that you actually GET MARRIED. We love this part of wedding days because it allows us to step back and capture moments as they happen, without directing or posing. Some of the best reactions and sweetest moments come from this part of the day and we LOVE it!


This is totally dependent on what you want your day to look like! We are prepared to stand and photograph your hour-long ceremony or race around and get all the angles in 5 minutes max. You name it, we got it.

What We Capture: 

Two photographers = two angles at all times 😉 One of us will sit in a seat on the aisle, and photograph your grandparents, parents, and bridal party walking down the aisle. Oh, and you too of course! Whoever is not sitting, will be standing towards the front of the ceremony space to get a different angle of everyone and to focus on your groom!! It is a priority for us to capture both of y’all’s reactions and if the space allows, grab a photo from the back as you walk down the aisle (a big reason why long aisles are great! they’re also great because it allows your groom to have TIME to react if you want that “aisle moment!” Anyways! Back to the main points!). After the processional, we will split up and go to opposite sides to focus on both you and your groom from each side, as well as grab some other angles from the back of the room. Capturing the emotions of your family and friends is also something we’re keeping an eye out for! Of course, we’ll be capturing you exiting your ceremony as husband and wife and follow you out for those literally *just* married emotions!

Tips & Tricks: 

#1 Let your photographer know how long you plan for your ceremony to be! We have photographed some weddings ceremonies that are 7 minutes long and others that were 45 minutes. It is helpful for us to know how fast things are going to go so we can be prepared to capture everything as it happens!

#2 If there is anything unique to your ceremony that you want us to be aware of, add this to your questionnaire! Whether this is an important person singing, a unity ceremony, or a sentimental detail.

#3 Remind your bridal party to smile as they walk down the aisle! We’ll be photographing them too! Smiling photos are ALWAYS better than non-smiling photos 🙂

#4 If you don’t read any other tips, READ THIS TIP! Take. It. Slow. Aisles are for walking down, not running down. Trust us.

#5 For those not doing an exit at the end of the day, your exit out of your ceremony is another super cute time to have confetti or streamers!

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March 3, 2022


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