Timeline Series: Part 4 | Bride & Groom Portraits

This week’s timeline series is all about Bride & Groom portraits! Incase you missed it, here are PART 1, PART 2, & PART 3 of the series! While this part of the timeline might seem straightforward, we wanted to breakdown what exactly it looks like and how you can best prepare!

Bride & Groom Portraits

For couples who do a first look, this set of portraits happen right after the first look! For those not doing a first look, these portraits would happen after the ceremony. This is one of our favorite parts of your wedding day because we get to focus on the two of you and capture epic photos for you to look back on and always remember your special day. We also take time during this part of the wedding timeline to get photos of just the bride and just the groom!



We prefer to have at least 30 minutes for these portraits. That way we don’t have to rush through these photos and this can be a relaxing and fun part of the wedding day for you both!


What We Capture: 

We will capture a variety of portraits in 1-2 spots at your venue! We focus on photos of the two of you together, but also make sure to photograph each of you individually! The great thing about doing a first look and portraits is that you have TWO opportunities for photos! We always do a few “Just Married” portraits after the ceremony for our couples who did photos earlier in the day after their first look. Typically we focus on getting all our “essential” images and photos of you smiling at the camera during the first portrait time so that we can focus on more epic, fun photos later in the day!


Tips & Tricks: 

#1 If you’re doing a first look and portraits before the ceremony, decide ahead of time if you would like to wear your veil for portraits or save it as a surprise for the ceremony!

#2 Consider wearing your rings for photos after your first look. Like we mentioned above, we like to set aside a few additional minutes after you are officially married for some portraits. If for some reason this doesn’t happen due to weather or for another reason, we still want you to have photos wearing your wedding bands. This is why we usually suggest our couples wear there rings for a few photos if they’re planning to do most of their photos before their ceremony!

#3 Allow this to be the time you slow down and take in the day. The beginning of the day can be fast paced and usually after the ceremony things go quickly as well. Portrait time is a great time to enjoy being together and focus in on your special day.



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February 17, 2022


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