Hey y’all! 

We’re Jacqueline and Laura, an enthusiastic twin sister team serving the upstate of South Carolina and anywhere else y’all take us!

As twins, we work as a team in all aspects of our business. Whether that’s getting ALL the angles on wedding days, sharing the editing afterwards, or staying on top of emails, social media and our client experience! When we say we’ve got you on wedding days, we really do! 

We love Jesus, we love South Carolina, and we love any shade of blue. We also love capitalized letters and exclamation points…y’all feel us?!

 We’ve come a long way from our beginning, but the joy and excitement we get from capturing memories and stories is still the same! We may even be MORE excitable at shoots now than we ever had been...if thats even possible :)

We would love for you to learn more about us and we would love to learn more about YOU! Reach out to us if you connect with us! We can’t wait to talk to you!!

♡ Jacqueline & Laura

We’ve been pursuing our business for seven years and can’t wait to see what the next year holds.

There’s a few things you should know about us from the start: 

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twin sister wedding photography team, located in Greenville, SC & beyond

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  Hey y’all, I'm Jacqueline! I’m a huge fan of new projects, a new pair of shoes, and the start of new seasons. I love spur of the moment adventures, and spontaneous pizza nights at home with the fam. However, on the flip side, I thrive off organization and detailed plans for every situation (enneagram 6, here!). I’m often the one behind the camera and am probably taking 10x more pictures than I need. Is it really possible to have too many pictures?? Also, website overhaul? I’m on it. Final say in editing? Yep. Making Laura write instagram captions and this website bio? You bet. 

    I’m Laura :) I spend most of my days watering all 13 of my plants (jk) and *trying* not to kill them. I love songs with a good beat (bonus if it’s Morgan Wallen), folding laundry (I know, its weird…), getting a good deal (this is when I lose all self control) and brownies with ice cream (If I could eat this every night, I would). If there’s snow in the forecast, I get WAY too excited about it, but I also live for my summer tan and days at the pool. I have an obsession with all things southern, especially ruffles and bows! And my pearl earrings. If you’re wondering who is who, 99% of the time that’ll be a good hint! ;) 


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We like a good beat, we like spontaneous dance moves, and we probably won't stop laughing. (believe it or not we're actually introverts but who says introverts can't have fun ;) )

Says y'all? Check, Obsessed with ruffles and seersucker? Check. Or really just anything blue or striped? Check. Always wearing pearl earrings? Check. 

Having your photos taken can be quite a process. But we're here to change that. Whether it's our easy posing method or our quick turn around time, we'll make sure that from start to finish, its a simple process!

It's no joke when we say we laugh at literally anything. And hopefully y'all will be laughing right along with us!! (or at us...?) We promise we'll laugh at all your jokes and probably our own too ;) 

When it comes to running a business, we'd say that two is better than one. We split all the tasks so if you're ever wondering.. who's responding to my email? It's probably J. Who just posted on Insta? Always Laura. 

Incase you haven't already noticed, we're twins :) And not only that, but we're best friends and do anything and everything together. 

do you relate with any of these? 

We might just be the perfect fit! Head over to our contact page & send us a message. We'd love to hear from you!

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