Timeline Series: Part 2 | Getting in Your Dress & Groom Getting Ready

Part 2 of the Timeline Series is here! While this one may sound straight forward, we have lots of things to share about this part of the day and what it usually looks like!

Getting in Your Dress & Your Groom Getting Ready 

For us, this is when things really to start to feel real! We almost always do the bride’s getting ready photos first, so at this point in the timeline we will have you slip into your dress! If you and your groom are getting ready at the same venue, we can take this time while you’re getting dressed to run over and grab some getting ready photos of him, but otherwise we do that right before the first look (or before groomsmen photos if you’re not doing a first look!).

For the Bride’s “getting dressed” photos, we always have your mom, maid of honor, or whoever else may be helping you get in your dress leave a few buttons for photos. This way we can bring you to a spot that is brighter and has flattering light for photos! We will then give you your earrings to put on, as well as have someone help you put on any other jewelry and your shoes.

For groom “getting ready” this looks like having hime put on his shoes, watch, coat, and tie for photos and having his dad or best man help him out!



We always allow for 20 minutes for you to get IN your dress. It always takes longer than you think! Then we usually like to have 20 minutes for photos…more on that below! If your groom wants getting ready photos (sometimes guys just don’t want this, which is totally ok!) we get those photos done in 5-10 minutes.


What We Capture: 

Like we mentioned above, we want you to have gorgeous getting ready photos from your wedding day! The best way we have found to make this happen is have you get *mostly* ready and then finish up the last few buttons and put on jewelry for photos. Our goal is to capture your mom or bridesmaid helping you and this sweet moment as they help you get ready for your big day. We always have you put your earrings and perfume on by yourself and then have someone help you put your shoes on.

For the Groom’s getting ready, we will photograph him putting on his jacket, shoes, tie, and watch.


Tips & Tricks: 

#1 Leave a few buttons on your dress for your mom or bridesmaids to finish for photos! We also suggest waiting to put on your jewelry, perfume, and shoes so that we can photograph you doing it!

#2 Make sure your bridesmaids are dressed before you are. This is especially key if you are doing a bridesmaids first look, that way they are already dressed and we can have them hidden away while you get into your dress.

#3 If your Groom would like getting ready photos make sure he knows when these are happening. He will need to be mostly ready, aside from putting on his jacket, tie, watch, etc.

To read PART ONE of this series, you can find the post HERE! Next week’s post is all about first looks which we are super excited about!

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February 1, 2022


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