The Timeline Series: Part 3 | First Looks

Part 3 of the Timeline Series is here! For this post we are discussing First Looks…whether it’s a bridesmaids’, a dad & daughter, or a bride & groom first look, we have some tips and tricks to share for each.

First Looks

After you get in your dress, next on the agenda is usually first looks (if you are planning to do one)!! If you are not doing any first looks, at this point we would move on to bridesmaids/groomsmen photos and immediate family photos. Everyone has heard of a Bride & Groom first look, but you may not be as familiar with a bridesmaids or dad & daughter first look. It is based around the same concept because they haven’t seen you in your dress yet, so we would have them close their eyes or turn around for the grand unveiling! This gives you a moment with either your bridesmaids, dad, or groom to talk and take in the fact that you’re getting MARRIED! We send out a questionnaire to all our brides before their wedding day that gives you a space to note if you are planning a bridesmaids or dad/daughter first look (usually by this point you will have already decided if you are doing a bride & groom first look because it dictates what the rest of your timeline will look like) and this helps us make sure we allow plenty of time to make it happen!

A few thoughts about bride & groom first looks… We personally love them but we know they’re not for everyone! We are happy to capture your day either way you choose. We have a full blog post HERE with the benefits of doing one if you’re on the fence. Sometimes it is best to do a first look for lighting purposes depending on what time of the day sunset is happening. We want to be able to capture our signature bright and light photos that are consistent with the images you expect to be delivered!



For Bridesmaids or Dad/Daughter first looks we usually allow 10 minutes each. This gives you plenty of time to take a moment to yourselves! For Bride & Groom first looks we make you have at least 10-15 minutes built into your timeline. Some of our couples spend 1 minute together, some spend 5, and others spend 15, but either way is totally ok! This is your moment together and we do our best to step aside and let you have as much time as you want.


What We Capture: 

For all first looks, one of us will focus on you and one of us will focus on whomever you’re doing the first look with. This way insures we get both angles and reactions. We do our best to be as least distracting as possible so that you can take in the moment.


Tips & Tricks: 

#1 Make sure you let us know if you are planning for a bridesmaids or dad & daughter first look! Even though these typically only take 10-15 minutes, that amount of time can push things back if its not already in the schedule. Like we mentioned above, we send out a questionnaire to all our brides before their wedding day that gives you a space to note if you are planning a bridesmaids or dad/daughter first look so that we can know ahead of time and plan accordingly.

#2 If you’re planning a bridesmaids first look, make sure everyone is ready on time and gets dressed sooner than you think! Like we mentioned in our first post  Details & Getting Ready, having hair and makeup done on time is KEY to keeping the day on schedule

#3 Make sure everyone is aware the first looks are happening. If you’re doing a first look with your bridesmaids, make sure they know so that they can be ready on time. We always highly recommend sharing your timeline with all your family and bridal so everyone is in the know. If you’re doing a dad & daughter first look, make sure your dad knows when and where to be.

Another side note… We strongly suggest all our brides hire a wedding planner because they will help make sure everyone is on the same schedule which takes that job off of you!


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February 10, 2022


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