Timeline Series: Part 8 | Just Married Portraits

Why more photos?? You might be thinking, “we’ve been taking photos the WHOLE day! Why on earth would we want to take MORE??” Which is logical. Ceremony photos, photos with your bridal party, family photos, it can be a lot! Pro tip: Don’t forget to laugh while taking photos…it makes the smiling MUCH easier 😉 However, photos right after you’re married is one of our favorite parts of the day! Here’s why!

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Just Married Photos

You’re married. Family photos are done and Uncle Bob is on his way to a cocktail hour…everything is right in the world. Now, we get to focus on you and your HUSBAND. If you choose to share a first look, we will have already taken some portraits earlier in the day. The photos earlier in the day were most likely posed more traditional photos. Now is the fun part!! Just married photos allow for all the pretty light, a slower pace, wedding band documentation (!!) and freedom to take some epic photos! NOW is the time for some amazing veil shots, that vintage car (DEF scroll down for that one), and a little bit of exploring!!


If you shared a first look with your groom, we only need anywhere from 15-30 minutes after your ceremony depending on your preference! We could do 15 minutes of photos in the glowly light and call it good, or step it up a notch and spend 30 minutes allowing y’all to interact and take time alone before heading into your reception while grabbing some epic photos to end the day!

If you chose not to share a first look, we will need 30-45 minutes! This will most likely be your first and only time for photos of the two of you and we will want to capture the traditional photos AND the more relaxed photos during this time frame!

What We Capture: 

The photos below will speak for themselves, but “just married” photos are just what they sound like! Extra variety of photos if you’ve done a first look and had photos together prior to your ceremony, or your only portrait time on your wedding day as Mr. & Mrs. if you are saving the first look for the aisle moment!

Tips & Tricks: 

– GET THE CAR. GET THE BUS. GET THE COOL VEHICLE. Just do it. It’ll be epic. (have I used that word enough?)

– Ask your planner or bridesmaid or trustworthy groomsman (umm…is this a thing? jkjk) to bring you a cocktail or SNACKS! We don’t want any hangry brides or grooms.

– Depending on when your sunset time is (summer weddings have LATE sunsets!!) and if you’ve already had portraits during your first look, you may want to save “Just Married” photos for a time closer to sunset! Definitely ask us or your planner about this when we’re putting together your timeline!


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March 25, 2022


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