Friday Favorites | Summer

Well, folks its back. A summarized version of our favorites from this season!! Summer is here and we are here! for! it! Keep scrolling for lots of yummy summery treats (what else would you expect from two people with a major sweet tooth HA), the perfect way to hang on a summer evening (no really, literally HANG) and more!!

1. Essie Nail Polish: the best summer colors.

If you know us, you know nail polish ain’t exactly our thing…we haven’t had our nails done in, idk, 10 years? But, we have lately attempted it on our own and have LOVED these colors! We still need some tips on keeping it from denting and chipping, but it’s also WAY  too fun to peel off, so keeping it on for 2 days max is really all we need HA! 🙂

Off-white: Marshmallow

Blue: Find Me An Oasis

Pink: Ballet Slippers

Essie nail polish apart of Summer friday favorites | Jacqueline & Laura

2. Hammocks

We basically live in these things every evening in the summer. And if you have at least two trees in your yard, you can too!! Although we like to believe they’re Enos, they’re *actually* “Bear Butts” (classy, I know) which are very affordable and available amazon prime…y’all have no excuses now!! They’ve held up SO well, as we’ve had them for many years and have left them in the elements many nights, washed them and piled all our friends into them 🙂

hammocks apart of Summer friday favorites | Jacqueline & Laura

3. IZZES!!

If y’all haven’t had these yet, go place yourself a target pickup right now. These are the ultimate summer drink! And they’re “healthy” 😉 We aren’t too crazy about La Croix because, well, the sweet tooth strikes again LOL! But Izze’s are sweeter so we’re big fans 🙂 It’s basically a soda but more natural, ya know…

4. Nestle’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich

Whew, that was quite the title. Also, these pics are…high quality…

If you’re REALLY needing the sweets, this is a great solution. Also kind of our only option because the closest thing to our house is a Dollar General hahaha!! Pro tip: you can buy one of these for $2.50 in the small freezer upfront, but y’all take a few more steps to the bigger freezer and Y’ALL there’s a pack of 7 for $6. Like, EXCUSE ME. Don’t fall for their tricks, ok?

5. Statement Beaded Earrings

Amazon always pulling through with the cheap but adorable earrings! We’re pretty sure there have been earrings on every single one of our posts so far, but what can we say, we like those statement earrings!! These white beaded earrings were $10 and you’d never know it! They kind of remind me of fireworks…so grab ’em for next 4th of July or Labor Day 🙂

statement earrings apart of Summer friday favorites | Jacqueline & Laura

6. Green Tea Ice Cream

Our literal OBSESSION y’all!!! This is for the locals!! Spartanburg (and even gville!) peeps!! Go hit up Hub City Scoops! All their ice cream is delicious but if they have green tea available, we would 100% get it every.single.time. And if they ask if you want honey, say YES! And if they don’t ask, tell them you need it LOL.


That’s all for now 🙂 Happy cavities and hammocking…

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July 17, 2020


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