April & May Memories

If you think goslings are the cutest things EVER, keep scrolling! If you don’t really care about seeing a hundred pictures of geese, still keep reading!

These past few months have been nothing like we ever could have imagined and even though there have been disappointments, there have been some fun moments as well! The biggest highlight for everyone over these past few weeks was by far the gosling’s arrival. We have chickens and we usually get chicks every spring. Unfortunately, the hawks also love the chickens and we’ve had no success with roosters keeping the hawks away. Apparently, these geese are supposed to be great guardians for the chickens so we’re giving it a try! We all fell in love with these little guys (gals?) and they are so friendly and love the attention, unlike the chicks who will do anything in their power not to be held haha!

After the geese pictures, there are a few highlights from our afternoon adventure strawberry picking. We went to Stewart farms and the berries were amazing – we could have easily picked double what we did! After this outing, we immediately came home and made a pound cake to have strawberry shortcake which was the best (and most delicious!)  way we could think of to make a dent in the berries!

Next up, more geese photos! Laura and I bought a new lens so I had to get someone out there, and John and the geese were definitely the best option. One positive thing about this quarantine is that I’ve had my camera out much more than usual and have been taking pictures of our family and random things we’ve been doing…and yes, the geese are included in the “family” now.

Finally, we’re featuring a remake of the 5 kids + alan on a haybale picture that we did last year. And also some Mother’s day surprises including a gorgeous bouquet from Urban Petals and Laura and I’s attempt and lemon raspberry cupcakes. Y’all if you ever need flowers for someone (or just want some for yourself, which is also definitely a valid excuse) go check them out!


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May 22, 2020


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