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We’re back for another round of Friday Favorites and this might be my favorite one yet!! A fresh start just sounds amazing right now after everything that’s been going on, doesn’t it? Bring it on, Springtime! Not only is it now light after 5pm but everything is blooming and it makes me SO happy! You can ask Laura about just how excited I’ve been about the blooming trees… I may or may not have made her stop to take pictures under some blooming trees that I had been eyeing and also did some crazy things to get the blooms in Anna & Kristian’s engagement session. All the efforts made were 100% worth it 😉

Anyways, here are some of our current favorite spring things!

  1. Gold frames. We’ve been changing up a few things in our room recently, and one of the things we did was get new frames! I had my heart set on gold floating frames and ended up with quite a few of them. The smalls ones are amazon and the hanging ones on the wall are Target.

 5×7 floating frame4×6 easel frame| wall frames

2. Rattan earrings. These may not be the most well-made piece of jewelry you’ll ever own, but they’ll definitely be the cutest! They were $7 on Amazon so we’ll see how long they last, but totally worth it because they are SO cute!

3. PLANTS. I’m honestly not sure how it started, but now we can stop buying them. Plants & cute pots is currently where our money is. Empty space on a desk? Plants. Easy decorating hack? Plants. Spring cheer? Plants!! We may or may not have a picture frame and plant on every surface in our room but we’re not complaining LOL. We’re gonna need a green house haha!⁣

They’re from Home Depot, Country Boys, Ingles, & the orchid is from Publix. If you’re wanting cute pots seriously look at TJMaxx or Amazon! They have so many!  | Blue/gold pots on Amazon


4. Smoothie Bowls. Yes, we’re still obsessed with Tropical Smoothie, but sometimes you gotta mix it up a little bit. After paying way too many $$ for smoothie bowls at Southern Pressed Juciery downtown, we started making our own and they’re seriously just as good. Or better, because you didn’t just blow $10 on a smoothie. Fruit, honey, coconut, granola, & walnuts…Done.

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March 20, 2020


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