JACQUELINE & LAURA | A new brand name!

IT’S HERE!!! We’ve got something big to announce!

We took the jump and have transitioned OUR BUSINESS NAME! We’re now “Jacqueline and Laura”! Hello, new website name, Facebook page & Instagram handle!!

Yes, it’s still us. The Sprinkles, Jacqueline and Laura. We’re here to serve our clients well and are SO excited for the rest of this year!  Besides the name, nothing else is changing and we are still photographing both weddings and portraits (and are still obsessed with chickfila).

As some of you may know, our last name is Sprinkle, and we have been Sprinkle Photography since the very beginning. At this point, though, we really wanted to transition over to our first names. Maybe if we open up a bakery someday, Sprinkle will come back! (sorry, but not sure that’s happening. Have you seen us try to cook?). We also felt like it would be easier for people to match the name to the faces because, let’s be honest, there has been confusion over where the “Sprinkle” came from many times. No, we weren’t just obsessed with Sprinkles. And try googling Sprinkle Photography – you’ll get your fill of sprinkles and cupcakes, and our faces may be mixed in there somewhere. Don’t worry, though, our love for sprinkle cookies isn’t going anywhere either. 

We decided that confetti was obviously the way to go for these announcement photos and might have  spent a good part of the afternoon attempting to use the self-timer while simultaneously throwing confetti in the air. Y’all, do not be fooled by that first photo. The other two photo fails are a much more accurate depiction of what about 99% of the photos looked like.

All that to say, we are so excited about this change and cannot wait to see where our business continues to go! We seriously cannot say thank you enough to all of you, for both following along and supporting us!


Attempt #67,  please notice the confetti mid-air and the fact that we look stunned and completely unenthused…we were done after about attempt #2. But you better believe we were getting that perfect photo.

Attempt #89, featuring me being way TOO enthusiastic with the confetti throwing…


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March 12, 2020


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