A recap of year 17… basically an excuse for us to share all our favorite pictures from the past 12 months! As of 2/2/20, we’re officially 18!! We can now buy cough medicine, rent kayaks, buy dry ice, get married, sign our lives away, and go to Costco (our mom couldn’t be more excited about this one), so things are looking good LOL!

If you’ve ever wondered what we do aside from photography, this post has got it all! It was so much fun going back and looking at the past year and really seeing how much we did! Definitely going to make this a tradition!

Here’s the highlights:

Snowboarded for the first time | We’d been skiing multiple times, but were ready to try something new. Snowboarding looked cool and easy, right? We ended up really liking it, despite the fact that we spent more time sprawled out in the snow than we did actually going down the mountain.

Photographed Shelley & Justin’s wedding in March | This was a fun day! These two tied the knot and partied hard afterwards! Can’t believe its almost been a year!!

Played soccer for the second year | Our school started a girls soccer team two years ago, and 2019 was our second year (ever!) playing! We’re gearing up for the 2020 season to start up soon!

Went to our school Spring formal | Every year our school does a spring formal and this was our second year going! Still some of our favorite pictures ever! <3

Chicks | We have chickens on our land, so for about the past 8 years (or maybe longer??) we’ve been getting chicks every spring! They come all the way from Iowa and picking up the peeping box from the post office is always a highlight. They are absolutely adorable at first, although I can’t say they stay that cute for long haha!

Met so many other amazing photographers! | Christa & Jessi coordinated a get together for all the photographers in the area, and it was amazing!! Not only did we get to meet SO many other fellow photographers, but we got some new headshots too!

{photos of us by Alex Leaphart}

Went to Target an uncountable amount of times | Thankfully, we do more browsing than shopping haha! I don’t think we bought a single thing in this picture…sorry to all the target employees who had to put this back! (maybe they should make a limit on clothes to try on? jk) 

Two of our best friends graduated high school | And we’re right behind them EEEK!! Love y’all!

Launched our new website!!! | This was exciting! And totally worth the uncountable amount of hours spent behind a computer screen 🙂

Hiked at some new spots | What’s better to do on a summer day than drag the whole family along for a hike?? But hey, we bribed them with waterfalls.

Ate too many tropical smoothies & chicken minis to count | Was there a week we didn’t eat chickfila or tropical smoothie or both? I doubt it LOL.

Went to sunflower fields | The great thing about pictures is that you only see smiles and fun. If you zoom in closely you might be able to see the sweat dripping down our faces (jk…don’t do that). It was that hot. Still 10/10 recommend.

Kayaked on Lake Jocassee | Tropical island vibes with fir trees…its got all the essentials haha! We aren’t even fans of lake water (does it not look creepy ya’ll?) but we still had a blast!!

Celebrated donut day the only way we know how | With Sprinkle donuts of course.

Went on our annual FL trip | Love our little island <3 I mean, it’s not ours…I just like to think it is. Y’all hit up Amelia Island, it’s a cute one.

Those were just a few of our summer highlights… If you want to see the rest go check out this post here!

 Started college classes (dual enrollment) and our senior year of high school!! | Officially off to big kid school. Now can we please just graduate high school haha!!

Went to Maine | …. after school started. Such rebels.  [you can see that blog post HERE!] 

Became obsessed with Panera M&M cookies | If you haven’t tried these, you are missing out. my mouth is watering just looking at this picture HAHA!

Photographed over 30 families & couples this fall | Thanks to our stalker lens and Alan helping us out in precarious situations. 

And also two surprise proposals | One of which included hiding in the back of a coffee shop…

Bought a flocked Christmas tree | Yes, the tree had to make it on 🙂  I’m pretty sure we’d had the same little tree in our room for like the past 10 years so we needed something new! And flocked, of course.

Photographed our last wedding of the year | Ahhh these two!! What a special day filled with so many sweet moments!

Went to Tandem with friends multiple times | This adorable restaurant with coffee & crepes is one of our newest obsessions! 

Found a blue wall | My life will never be the same. Seriously, Spartanburg has the best photo spots!!

First snow of 2020 | In SC, when there’s snow in the forecast, it’s a BIG deal… the funny thing is that this time no one had any idea there was even a chance because it wasn’t in the forecast. You can imagine the excitement when everyone realized it was, in fact, SNOWING outside! We had to do a quick photo and were only a little late to school 🙂 

Snowboarding | Started 17 and ended 17 with a snowboarding trip, and I have to say the second go at it was quite an improvement from the first! We went to Beech Mountain for the day and got to see legit snow and fresh powder on the ground, which was even more exciting than the flurries we saw the day before! 😉 Only difficulty of the day was the fact that the fog was so thick you could barely see where you were going haha!

Hello EIGHTEEN!! | We might have picked the windiest day ever to take balloon pictures so there’s a lot of completely failed (but entertaining) attempts here… but if you scrolled allll the way to the end you can see the one miracle picture of the afternoon, that didn’t even involve any photoshopping!!

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February 5, 2020


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