Summer of 2019

As we’re thinking back on the summer, to us it was one of the best summers yet!! I think a lot of that is because we did SO much!! We made a huge bucket list at the beginning of summer and were pretty determined to do it all. Of course, we didn’t get to every single thing on our list, but we did a lot of it! Below we’re sharing all the highlights and iphone pictures for y’all to enjoy, but also as a way for us to be able to look back on it later and remember!


Dupont State Forest (& Caesar’s Head & Pretty Place) | We started off the summer with a trip to a state park we’d never been to before, and brought along with our mom, siblings, & Alan. We could have probably spent multiple days here exploring because it was so cool! If you want to see some waterfalls, check this place out for sure! We also revisited some other cool spots that we’d been to before, including Pretty Place & Caesar’s Head!

Summer day at DuPont State Forest Summer day at Pretty Place Chapel Summer day Caesar's Head Lookout

Pool & Pizza Days | You know at the beginning of the summer, when all you want to do it hangout at the pool, but it’s really not quite hot enough for it to be enjoyable?! The solution is to get pizza and sit on the edge of the pool and pretend you’re warm haha!! Thankfully, here in SC everything warms up fairly quickly, (hello 100 degree days) and we spent countless afternoons at the pool with our friends & siblings.

Baseball Game | If you live in Greenville, you have to go to a Drive game at least once every summer! We might not have any clue what’s happening, but we go for the experience ya know 😉

Summer Greenville Drive Baseball game

Evenings outside | Quite possibly our favorite part of summer – the end of the day when it’s finally cool enough outdoors to leave the AC and hangout outside. Also the time of year when they bale the hay in our fields and we LOVE it!

Outings downtown | Those smoothie bowls below… SO good! And SO expensive haha! We’d been dying to try Southern Pressed Juicery for so long and finally made it happen!

Southern pressed juicery outing in Downtown Greenville, SC

Fishing | The Sprinkle kids have been fishing a few times before, but this summer we went multiple times and everyone really enjoyed it! We were quite the sight to see, but we did catch some fish and only fell in a couple times 🙂

Let’s pretend I caught this fish myself, ok?

Beaufort, SC | We had the opportunity to second shoot with a fellow photographer in Beaufort at the same time our friends were there on vacation! It worked out so that we got to spend some time with them at the beach and it was a blast!!

Boardwalk on Harbor Island in Beaufort, SCVacation on Harbor Island in Beaufort, SC


Sunflower fields in Walhalla & Stump House Tunnel | We have the group of friends, who when we get together, we like to make things as fun and entertaining as possible haha! When we heard about this place not too far from our house with SUNFLOWER FIELDS, we could not resist! It was insanely hot, but the pictures made it well worth it! On our way there we also stopped at the Stump House Tunnel just to say we’d been there too 😉

Stumphouse Tunnel Sunflower fields festival in Walhalla, SC Sunflower fields festival in Walhalla, SC

Kayaking on Lake Jocassee | My FAVORITE place!! It looks like you’re somewhere tropical, not on a lake in South Carolina. Just look how green & clear the water is! We make it a goal to make it out here at least once every summer!

Kayaking at Lake Jocassee Kayaking at Lake Jocassee Kayaking at Lake Jocassee

Lots of green tea ice cream | Our summer obsession… We’ve gotten the weirdest reactions when we tell people they should try green tea ice cream but I promise it is amazing! Honestly not sure how many times we ended up at Hub City Scoops during the summer to get this ice cream 🙂

Green tea ice cream at hub city scoops in Spartanburg, SC

VA for our aunt’s wedding | A bitter sweet day. We lost our Grandma unexpectedly in January of 2019 and none of us would never have imagined that she wouldn’t have been here for this special day. There were still so many joyful parts of the day though –  watching all the cousins party hard on the dance floor was definitely a highlight! {Photos by Tyler Phenes)

Grandaddy and his eleven grandkids <3 

Hiking & sushi picnic | Remember how I said we don’t do normal things when we get together? Yep, sometimes we go hiking and bring sushi along for lunch.


Beach trip to Amelia Island | Our last hurrah of the summer! We have family on Amelia and have been going to the island every summer for as long as we can remember. Renting a golf cart for the day was definitely a highlight of the trip! You can view the full post (& see the professional photos 😉 ) here!

summer beach vacation on Amelia Island Fernandina Beach, FL summer beach vacation on Amelia Island Fernandina Beach, FL summer beach vacation on Amelia Island Fernandina Beach, FL summer beach vacation on Amelia Island Fernandina Beach, FL summer beach vacation on Amelia Island Fernandina Beach, FL summer beach vacation on Amelia Island Fernandina Beach, FL summer beach vacation downtown on Amelia Island Fernandina Beach, FL


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October 1, 2019


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