A Spring Engagement Session in Atlanta, GA
Georgia Tech Engagement Session | Caroline & Zach

Caroline & Zach…two very kindhearted people who made our time in Atlanta for their engagement session so much fun!! 

These two met while in grad school in the same program at Georgia Tech! Even though they are getting married in Greenville in December, it was only fitting that we plan their engagement session in the city where their relationship first started! When Caroline mentioned making the Georgia Tech campus the location for their session, we were excited to make it happen for them and capture photos in a meaningful spot. Our parents actually graduated from Georgia Tech, and although we have visited the campus with them before, it was a long time ago. That meant that this was pretty much a knew-to-us location! We always get excited to shoot at new spots… Even if it means there’s more thought and time that goes into prepping for the session and location scouting! 

It’s pretty apparent that our favorite color is blue and we always get excited when our clients have it incorporated into their outfits. However, recently we have been really loving the bright color trend, specifically hot pink. We were definitely excited when we saw Caroline’s dresses included both our favorite colors! 

There’s a couple key elements to a successful engagement session, which all happened during Caroline & Zach’s session! We’ve already mentioned a couple things such as shooting at new locations (this is when the creativity happens!) and outfits that are classy & fun (&bonus if they’re blue). However, another aspect of these shoots that makes us happy is when our couples are willing to try anything and go with all the ideas we come up with. Even better if they do it while laughing and interacting with each other…Caroline & Zach did all of these things and it enabled us to capture photos we are SO excited to share and that we feel really represent them as a couple. Enjoy these photos with different scenery and a pop of hot pink!

The laughter…It just makes us happy!!

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June 10, 2023


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