Summer 2020 Highlights

Summer 2020!! It was a weird one, but looking back at these photos made us realize how many fun moments & adventures there were as well! It’s easy to forget the rough moments when you see all the pretty pictures 😉 Here’s a summary (in iphone photos)!

First up, Chipotle picnics. Thank goodness for shade, because I’m pretty sure it was at least 100 degrees this day. And for friends who always come prepared with blankets.

Adventures of 2020 | Jacqueline & Laura

Every summer we vow we’re going to go to the lake multiple times…we usually only make it out once LOL! this was our first lake day of the season at Lake Jocassee!

Kayaking at Lake Jocassee | Summer 2020 | Jacqueline & Laura Kayaking on Lake Jocassee | Summer 2020 | Jacqueline & Laura

So many wedding weekends!! Mama Sprink came to the rescue when a CFA snack was needed ASAP.

Wedding day selfies, ’cause, why not.

PLANTS, PLANTS, AND MORE (dead) PLANTS! Some are thriving, and some are surviving. Oh, and I may have bought one plant TWICE this summer because I killed it the first time around. Whoops.

Summer 2020 | Jacqueline & Laura

Wait…we actually successfully pulled off a quick trip to the beach?? Did that happen or am I dreaming??

Summer 2020 | Jacqueline & Laura

Biggest shoutout to Alan AND his pool for providing afternoon entertainment for the sibs. Shoutout to Target for stocking Izzes.

Is it summer without sunflowers? NOPE. *totally* weren’t all dead…

Summer 2020 | Jacqueline & Laura

More trips to target? Obviously. Mirror selfies in the parking lot? Check. Smoothies? IS THAT A QUESTION??

Summer 2020 | Jacqueline & Laura

Oh, and yeah we did our job too. Aka dodging poison ivy and smacking mosquitos. Y’all don’t even KNOW how good I am at killing those things by the end of the summer!!

Found a waterfall (this took way more effort than expected).

Took a HOT and FUN July ride on the swamp rabbit!! 18 miles y’all. Can you tell?

Biking the Swamp Rabbit Trail in Greenville, SC | Summer 2020 | Jacqueline & Laura

Our most random summer obsession that now makes me want to drive to DG right! now! Keep scrolling…

Bucketlist: paddleboards and McDonald’s basket of fries. CHECKKKK.

Summer 2020 | Jacqueline & Laura

A branding session with Tiffany!! An evening full of blue, smoothies and hype 😉

Summer 2020 | Jacqueline & Laura

John’s “banana outfit” HAD to make it on here. And yes, he wears this out in public (you get used to it eventually).

Yearly beach trip with the fam to Amelia Island, FL! You can see the professional pics here 🙂

Kayaking at Walkers Landing on Amelia Island FL | Summer 2020 | Jacqueline & Laura Amelia Island FL | Summer 2020 | Jacqueline & Laura

This summer was the summer of meeting new friends!! Ironically, we already knew all of them as “insta-friends” 🙂 But real life is way better!! And yes, Gather GVL is our favorite spot to eat. Also apparently the go-to spot for meeting people haha!

You can view last year’s post here!

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September 25, 2020


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