Seacrest Beach | Family Vacation 2021

Every year our family takes a trip to Florida and for the past decade, we’ve gone to Amelia Island. We have family there and over the years this has become a special place for vacation. However, the east coast doesn’t have the clear water that has been on our bucket list. 2021 was our year for branching out!!

We stayed in Seacrest Beach and loved it!! Seacrest is right between Seaside and Rosemary Beach and although it was still very crowded on the beach, the roads were much more manageable. The gorgeous blue water was a highlight for everyone but here are a few other favorite parts of the trip!

– Donuts from The Donut Hole! To any other newbies who haven’t been to 30A, early morning is the only time you can get donuts. Just an FYI 😉 We tried 7pm and that was not successful…however we went back the next morning and it was totally worth it!!

– Evenings at the beach! In the mornings it could get pretty packed, but by 5pm everyone cleared out and most of the beach was empty (that is until sunset rolled around…). Avoiding the oppressive heat was another benefit of the evenings so sitting on the beach was actually enjoyable!

– Shrimp and grits tacos from Local Catch! Tell me they don’t look amazing from that photo below!! Currently wishing we were eating these for lunch right now!

-Biking around the neighborhood and along 30A! We had bikes for the week and although we didn’t do any long rides, we explored the community we were staying in and rode down to Aly’s beach one morning!

Although we had our fair share of sand, people, and 100 degree temperatures to satisfy us until our next beach trip, we really enjoyed some quality time with our family and experiencing a new place!!

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September 15, 2021


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