When In Maine…

Y’all, we heard that Chickfila is making an appearance in Maine so we’re one step closer to moving there 😉 Now we just have to work on our lobster taste buds LOL. But we LOVE this beautiful place and wish we could spend more time here!!

It’s basically like our own Disney. For people like us who don’t like amusement park rides, boats are a great alternative. Skip the rollercoasters and substitute in some gorgeous landscapes, still with all the magic. Because Maine is pretty magical if you ask us!! See what we’re saying? Disney at your fingertips (and a lot cheaper). Was that convincing? Good. Keep reading 🙂

We’ve put this in “chronological” order so y’all can see what it would look like as a road trip or for a drive up the coast, stop by stop! If yall wanna see a recap of our 2019 trip, you can view it here!

We usually fly Charlotte to Boston because it’s obviously cheaper to fly to/from bigger airports! So whether you’re starting at the Maine border or making a complete road trip out of it, we’ll start from the beginning!

A big shoutout to all our Maine fam for taking us exploring and giving us the best Maine experience!! Just compiling all these spots is making us want to come back so badly!


your first pit stop: YORK

Congrats, you’ve made it to your first of MANY lighthouses!! York is home to Cape Neddick Lighthouse, also known as “Nubble Lighthouse.” It’s on its own personal island, and is a great spot to get your first glimpse of the gorgeous rocky coastline!


Before we get to anything else we have to mention one of the biggest reasons you should visit Maine: HOLY DONUT!! We seriously crave these things. Hand-made potato donuts! Chocolate sea salt is the BEST ever. No arguments!!

Once you’ve got your donut in hand (or more likely in your stomach…because it will be gone fast, we guarantee it!!), head to Scarborough Beach State Park and take a small hike! We did the Cliff Walk at Prout’s Neck in December one year so it was cold, but still 100% worth it!!



If you fly into Portland, these are going to be your places!! Grab a bagel from Scratch Baking Co. and head to Portland Head Light!! We’ve been to Portland Head Light multiple times and its still one of our favorite places! It’s the perfect touristy stop haha but also a great introduction to the Maine coast!

If you’re still in need of something more to eat, hit up Otto’s for mashed potato pizza!! We don’t care how weird it sounds. Just get it. And more good news! if you missed Holy Donut, you’ve got another chance because there’s one in Portland!

Hopefully, you’re still on a lighthouse hunt, because there’s two more to check out! Bug Light and Spring Light are nearby!

Finally, if you’re ready to start your boat rides (one time we set a record and went on 5 boat rides in one trip LOL) there is a boat out of Portland harbor that goes to Peaks Island (rent a golf cart to drive around!!) or catch one to Bailey Island (and get some fried shrimp tacos from Morse’s Cribstone Grill!)

Peaks island above, Bailey island below!


Boothbay harbor is the CUTEST!! It’s a quaint little town and has tons of little shops and a great harbor view! And nearby is Barter’s Island which is a definite must to spot by!! Pine tree woods, secluded coves, and rocky coastline all around!

Boothbay Harbor above, Barter’s Island below!


Tired of lighthouses yet?? No? Great! Because we’ve got more! And you won’t want to miss this one! On my list, Pemaquid Point Lighthouse is at the top! It’s usually got a perfect reflection pool for all your photo dreams 😉

New Harbor is one of our favorite spots to take a boat ride! Hardy Boat Cruises has a variety of cruises, but two of our favorites are their Puffin watch and their trip to Monhegan Island! Laura was (and still is) *obsessed* with puffins LOL but how could you not be?? They’re adorable! And ok…even if you’re not obsessed we still would highly recommend this!! But, if you want a full day activity, head on over to Monhegan!! This might be our favorite adventure ever!! We hiked along the edge of the island and yall!! It was NOT a good hike for sandals (we speak from experience…) but it was AMAZING! Do you love rocky cliffs? This will be your dream!! It has some breath-taking views.

andddd Monhegan! Seriously cannot get over how gorgeous it is!!


One day we took a drive to the next few locations we’re going to mention and it was totally doable!! We stopped in Rockland for…guess what…a lighthouse!! 🙂 Rockland Breakwater is almost a MILE walk to the end! So hold onto your hats and make sure its a nice day 😉 But by the end you basically you feel like you’re in the harbor itself and could sit for a while and watch the sailboats! Romantic, I know… Also, if you’re puffin obsessed (LOL) there’s THE puffin store so don’t forget that!!


Another 20-minute drive and you’ve made it to Camden! Another cute harbor. Like seriously. This one is cute too haha!! You can even drive up Mt. Battie and see the harbor from the top of a mountain!!!

If you’re visiting in June or July, definitely put Glendarah Lavendar Farm on your list! It’s not too far from Camden, but if you’re wanting to stick closer, you can visit their store right in Camden!


This isn’t in the order of south to north…but forgive me because we felt like this needed to go on there! No, this isn’t Maine! But it’s close by! These gems are just an hour away!! First of all, take a drive down the Kangamangus highway!! As crazy as it sounds, we promise its worth it. There’s plenty of places to stop for some amazing mountain views! And if you’re still up for some more mountain scenes, head to Cannon Mountain and ride the ski lift (yes! even in the summer!) for an INCREDIBLE view!!

the view from Cannon Mountain!

That’s all for now y’all! Thanks for reading!

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