The Benefits of Doing A First Look

As photographers, we know that first looks allow you to get the most out of your photography experience, but we also completely understand that this is YOUR day and you want it to be as special as possible!! We have witnessed so many first looks and want to share all we know and assure that if you decide to add a first look to your big day, the emotions will be just as raw and sweet.

Maybe you’ve always been skeptical of first looks or maybe you’re trying to convince your groom its a good idea, whatever the case may be this post should give you all the information you need to help you decide whether or not a first look is for you!

You will have so much more time together during your special day. 

When you think about it, if your ceremony is at 6pm you might start getting ready as early as 1pm but not see your groom for all those hours before your ceremony! By doing a first look, it allows way more time for the two of you to enjoy your day together!

It allows for a special moment with just the two of you. 

By doing a first look you will able to tell each other how amazing you look before the ceremony, without having to whisper to each other as you’re standing at the front of the aisle. It also allows you to give each other a big hug and enjoy some moments alone without everyone watching. Seeing each other before the ceremony will give you time to talk and for your groom to admire your stunning dress!!

It gets the nerves out before walking down the aisle.

What we’ve seen is not that first looks take away from the special moment of you coming down the aisle, they add to it. Because you have already had time to talk to each other and get the nerves out of seeing each other for the first time,  it makes coming down the aisle so much sweeter. You can much easily focus on what is happening right then and on the fact that you’re about to get MARRIED!

It guarantees you will have SO many beautiful portraits.

Not only do you get extra portraits of the two of you when doing photos before the ceremony, but the first look also serves as a guarantee that you will have portraits together even if things out of your control happen! For example, if your ceremony is later in the day and the light will be limited after, or if it’s a rainy day and the gloom will be setting in quickly, or if you have a summer wedding and those evening storms are rolling in, you don’t have to worry because by doing the first look you got all the portraits done ahead of all of this!

Below are some of our favorite first look photos from weddings over the past few years!

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April 10, 2020


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