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We’re getting married! WOOHOO! Alan and I are both constantly surrounded by engagements and weddings in the industry, but can I just say that when it is your reality it’s the weirdest feeling!! Pretty sure I said, “this is so weird!!” ten times after we got engaged haha!! I can’t believe it’s finally our turn to plan a wedding!

The first question everyone probably wants to be answered is, “did you know it was coming??” And yes, I 100% knew it was coming 😉 We started dating in October 2018 and have been talking about getting married for probably years now. As Alan said when he got down on one knee, “it’s been a long time coming” but we’re SO excited for what’s to come! Besides the time being an obvious indicator, I am THE worst person to keep a secret from. I mean, THE WORST. And after dating for 3 1/2 years and sharing everything with each other, secret-keeping is hard haha! Alan told me to expect it sometime in June (cue the hair and nail appointment on June 1st LOL) and I had my suspicions that I would be in Charleston! Jacqueline and I had our annual trip with friends planned for the first week of June, and I was *almost* positive that a proposal would be happening.

On Tuesday, I woke up to a text notification saying Alan had turned his location off. We share locations so this was a clear giveaway EXCEPT that I checked his location the whole day and he was still at his house!! I was SO confused. And annoyed. HA! Me being me ASKED HIM if we were getting engaged that day…why? I have no idea. I wanted that reassurance that I could not worry about it during our dinner plans that evening with friends I suppose haha! Alan calmly told me that he was still at home editing. Darn. I knew we had another trip to Charleston in June so I tried to put it out of my mind. We headed to the beach for the afternoon and I was very calm until both of my friends AND Jacqueline suggested that we better head back to our hotel and get ready. Jacqueline suggesting this was not weird at all…because after all, she’s the boss lady and the enneagram 6 😉 However, my friends suggesting we get moving was WEIRD haha! Since when did they become the itinerary coordinators?? (lol love you, Abby and Caroline!).

Back at the hotel, we had trouble checking in and I kept suggesting that we just delay going downtown for 30 minutes or so! The plan was to take some photos before dinner as we did on our trip last year, so that could be pushed back a bit! Everyone ignored my pleas and rushed around getting ready. Once again, not really unusual around here, but still a little abnormal for a casual girls’ night out. In reality, we were running way behind…sorry J! We finally left the hotel after Caroline asked me if I had my jewelry on and Jacqueline tried to convince me to wear heels. Haha!!

We were supposedly going to a photo location that Caroline wanted to take photos at, so she navigated in the passenger seat while Jacqueline whipped it to downtown. I mean, WHIPPED it. Did we do a u-turn? Yes. Did we do some swerving? Probably…I can’t remember because Abby was desperately trying to distract me with her Pinterest board in the back row HAHA! She definitely lost me on her favorite green kitchen tile when we pulled up to the gate at Lowndes Grove and Jacqueline casually punched in the gate code…

At this moment, Alan walked out of the house (STRAIGHT OUT OF A MOVIE) and I got out of the car and bawled the entire walk to him. Alan had already been coordinating with Rebecca for the best location and it was beautiful!! We walked along the driveway to the exact spot and my heart was LEGIT POUNDING. It’s also pounding right now as I’m writing this. EEEK. Alan got down on one knee and asked me to MARRY HIM and I think I said yes? JK I said YES! But truly it was such a blur!! (but like I was also still bawling so it was definitely a blur). Alan may have had a few ring hints (*may* is the key word here…;)) but WOW. He did good y’all!!! I couldn’t ask for anything better! And have I stopped staring at it since then? Definitely not!

Besides telling Alan yes, my second favorite moment was turning around and seeing our families and friends standing there watching!! Whaaaat! I had been so focused on this moment of getting engaged that the thought hadn’t crossed my mind of who would be there to witness it! And I’m SO glad they were all there!

Rebecca was also there taking photos the WHOLE time and they are irreplaceable! She captured it beautifully and these will forever be some of my favorite photos! Rebecca, we are so thankful for you!!

The most ironic thing of the evening is that I decided NOT to wear blue and wear a hot pink dress? Y’all, when have I ever worn hot pink?? Never! And almost all of our family and friends wore blue haha! I stood out very well which made me laugh! But I’m honestly loving it so we may need to add an accent color to the brand…JK! Blue and white forever and you already know that there’s a solid blue and white wedding Pinterest board in the making! 😉

If you’ve made it this far, then you’re a true fan! 😉 Thanks for sharing our joy of this day!! Send all the good vibes for wedding planning…it is not for the faint of heart haha!! The photos are below which is the real reason you’re here, right?!

Proposal photos by Rebecca Sigety Photography

I cry pretty much every time I see this photo of when I realized all my people were there!

Childhood besties now becoming BRIDESMAIDS!!!

Jacqueline admiring the pay-off of an extremely stressful few months LOL. The best proposal planner ever!!

Missing Andrew, but otherwise, we could have considered the Christmas card photo DONE. Photoshop??

See what I mean about me missing out on the color coordination LOL? At least we know that we can all be coordinated on the wedding day! 😉

After the proposal we headed over to Coastal Crust in Mount Pleasant. And then did the only logical thing photographers would do – head to the beach to take just a “few more photos”.



Ending this post with some favorite iPhone pics!!




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July 2, 2022


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