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Why you need a PROFESSIONAL photographer

You might be rolling your eyes right now. You might be intrigued. You might have just clicked on this post because it was all-caps. Or, you *might* even be nodding your head in agreement.

Whatever your reaction is, keep on scrolling because I’ve got some truth comin’ at ya! We want you to know the VALUE of having your day captured by a professional and some actual reasons for doing so (besides us just telling you to do it). ⁣

First of all, what’s a professional you may ask? Someone who knows their stuff. A person who has been educated in a specific field of work, has credibility, has invested in their job, and who will give you the best experience possible!! And yes, I just made all that up. Sounds reasonable right??


You are hiring someone to handle the stress, corral your humans, and take pretty pictures while they’re at it. Having someone who knows what they’re doing is going to change the day!!


A professional will be able to deliver you consistent images, no matter the location or lighting situation. Aka, they’re a lightroom pro and they’ve got uuuu when the getting ready space just isn’t ideal. (there are ways to fix that from the beginning y’all, but that’s another story for another day 😉 ).


Hiring a professional will give you an experience, not just photos. You are hiring them for their brand, their personality, and the vibe they bring to your day!!

REASON #4 If you want photos from your day to be hanging on your wall (or even your fridge…) don’t let Aunt Sue handle the photography. First of all, because she will hardly know what she’s doing, but secondly, because you want QUALITY and you want those memories to be treasured and displayed in practical, tangible ways. If Aunt Sue’s shot is 50 shades darker than you were hoping, then oops…


Know who you’re putting in charge of capturing the best day of your life!!! This is an investment to remember the ONE day you’ve invested YEARS into and the day you will want to remember forever. ⁣ ⁣

Think about what goes into this investment!

We’re not just showing up on your wedding day. (I mean we are, but there’s more 🙂 ) Thousands of dollars on equipment, hours and hours of editing, not to mention the actual process on the day itself.⁣ Yes, it’s no doubt an investment, but we hope you could say that it was 1000% worth it. (yes, I totally added that extra 0 for a dramatic flare). ⁣ ⁣

We’re not even here to tell you to hire US. *gasp* But we want you to find someone who fits your personality, your style, and who will deliver images that you LOVE. It’s truly priceless to have your day saved like this. ⁣ ⁣


enjoy some fav wedding pics 🙂 because what’s a blog post without pictures??

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September 5, 2020


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