Twin Series Part 1

What’s it like being a twin? This is the question we’ve been asked more times than we can count… What we’re really wondering is what it’s like to not be a twin! But, we’re going to inform you of what our life is like and maybe someone will write about not having a twin some day haha!

1.We have a built in best friend.

We’ve only spent a week apart ONCE in our lives. We could probably count the individual days that we have spent apart. They are few and far between. We’re besties for the resties and have only ever gotten mad at each other 3 times…and then afterwards we immediately start laughing. We spend hours being weirdos together and sometimes when we’re in the mood, we get hysterical and can’t stop laughing at anything either one of us says (seeing a theme here?). We’ve always had a Chick-Fil-A drive through buddy (except Laura refuses to go through drive throughs, so there’s that…) and the amount of hours we’ve spent wandering around “shopping” together are uncountable. We’ve always had someone on the first day of school (even on the first day of college classes ; )  We have similar interests so finding activities to do is easy and always having something to laugh about is a given.

2. We do nothing alone.

Going back to #1, we rarely spend time apart. We refuse to go downstairs to eat lunch or get a snack unless the other one will come. We have no idea if this is normal or if we’re just extra special but it’s become our routine. It usually goes something like, “lets go eat lunch.” *pauses to make sure Jacqueline is coming.* Maybe we just don’t like being the one to make the first move? We rarely go out alone either. Being in the car by ourselves is a rare occasion and we’re lost when we don’t have someone to drive and someone else to manage all the other driving necessities… How do people drive and eat and find your sunglasses and put on music??

3. Sharing is a normal part of life.

“If I eat one starburst, will you eat the other?” – J

We share everything, but we don’t mind because to us it’s normal! There are definitely benefits to sharing everything, like saving up for a car together and splitting half the things we buy haha! Oh and if you only want one starburst, but there’s two in a package, well, that’s no problem 😉 Also, you can easily tackle blog posts like these, and never have to write one completely on your own. 🙂

4. We have weird communication that no one else understands.

We also get asked a lot if we have twin telepathy, and honestly we kind of do. If you ever see us looking at each other or raising our eyebrows at each other, don’t freak out. It’s normal. We can give each other one look and know what the other is thinking, and sometimes just know without looking at each other. Not only can we communicate silently (lol we sound like secret agents basically) but we repeat each other wayyyy to often because we think so similarly. If one of us tells you the same thing that the other just did, you can nod and smile or preferably just say, “she just told us”  and we’ll understand. 🙂

If you’re now wondering how if we’re different, we’ve got a few random things for ya..

-Jacqueline can alternate raising her eyebrows and Laura super can’t.

-Laura has always had longer hair, and Jacqueline’s has been shorter for years. Trying to tell us apart? Think “Laura Long”.

-Jacqueline has always been the spender, so convincing Laura to buy things is always fun, but Jacqueline has gotten really good at strategic convincing.

-Laura always calls Jacqueline by her full name or just “J,” but Jacqueline always calls Laura “Lor”

-Jacqueline is the oldest by 10 mins.

-Laura has always been slightlyyy shorter.


Just for fun, we’ve put a bunch of pics of us below, living the #twinlife. Featuring our first day of college, chick-fil-a runs, Maine trips, getting our sprinkle donuts, and many other adventures together!

What it's like being a twinWhat it's like to be a twin What it's like to be a twin

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Twin Life

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November 26, 2019


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