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We get asked often how we started this business of ours, so we thought it would be fun to tell the whole story for you all and include some photos from over the years!


How it started…

Photography has always been a huge part of our life. Growing up, our mom had a nice camera that we loved borrowing. I also remember using little disposable film cameras to take pictures of our toys and anything else we could find to photograph. For Christmas of 2010, we received little Canon cameras of our own and we began to take pictures of EVERYTHING in sight. Like seriously y’all should look through these albums of pictures we have. So many classics.

For our 12th birthday, we had finally saved up enough money to upgrade our cameras and our parents helped us buy our first DSLRs. With our new cameras, our subjects changed from landscapes and flowers, over to humans and birds haha!

Yep, you read that right. Laura and I were like legit birders. Honestly, some of those bird pictures weren’t too shabby. Our second big purchases were zoom lenses, because duh, you can’t get good bird shots without a zoom lens haha! I still remember walking into Best Buy, with my little bag filled with cash. The funny thing is, Laura had saved up her money faster than I did (lolll what’s new) so she’d gone in with our dad the week before to buy her zoom lens. I got quite the looks the following week as I paraded in and gave them MY stack of dollar bills. They had no idea that there were two of us and I’m sure they were thoroughly confused by this point.

Our story l Sprinkle Photography 2014 Our story l Sprinkle Photography 2014

Eventually, the birding phase did end, and humans became our main subjects 🙂


May, 2014

Like I said, taking pictures of literally everything and everyone was our jam. So obviously, it was perfectly normal to take pictures of the kids we babysat, right? When the mom of those kids saw the pictures, she asked us to take their family pictures and we said YES.

And BOOM, Sprinkle Photography was born. After this first shoot, we informed everyone we knew that we were doing photo shoots (because with one photo shoot under our belt, we were obviously legit now). Thanks to the support of all our friends, it took off from there!


September, 2016

We shot our first wedding! Our Aunt & Uncle got married in Maine in September of 2016 and asked us to be their photographers. We literally could not have been more thrilled!! Armed with our cameras and zoom lens ( I mean hey, at least they came in handy after all, even if birding wasn’t our calling), we photographed their beautiful day and we loved it!

Our Story l Our First Wedding l Boothbay, Maine Wedding Our Story l Our First Wedding l Boothbay, Maine Wedding Our Story l Our First Wedding l Boothbay, Maine Wedding



This year, we’ve had the opportunity to photograph over 40 different families & couples, and we are SO grateful for each and everyone of them! Without the support of YOU, this business wouldn’t be possible!

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For those of you who made it to this point, thank you so much for reading and following along!! If you enjoyed this post, we’d love for you to check out some of these!

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