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Heirloom Albums | The Process

We offer the option to purchase an Heirloom Album to all our couples, whether you are at the booking stage or we photographed your wedding years ago! We feel that in order to truly enjoy your photos you should have them printed in a tangible way. One of our favorite ways to provide our couples with the ability to see their photos in print is through albums! We know the thought of designing and getting your album printed yourself can sound very overwhelming, which is why we’ve chosen to take over that role. In order of you to get a better idea of what the process would look like, we wanted to take some time to highlight our album options and the design process.

Ordering An Album:

If you have just inquired with us or have a proposal out, now is the time to add on an album! We offer a significant discount on our albums when they are purchased at booking because they are included within a package. For couples who choose an album at booking, we will go straight into the design process and send next steps as soon as your gallery is finished. For past couples or anyone who wishes to add on an album later, send us an email in order to receive your album guide. We will ask you to fill out a form so that we know what size, cover, and text you would like.


Choosing Your Album Specifics:

If you choose a package that includes an album at booking, a 10×10 album is included, with the option to upgrade to a 12×12! If you are purchasing an album later on, you can choose from an 8×8, 10×10, or 12×12.

If you choose a package that includes an album at booking, your album includes a linen cover, which can be upgraded to leather or suede if you choose. If you are purchasing an album later on, you can choose from a linen, leather, or suede cover options.

One of the most fun aspects of designing your album is picking the color! If you’re unsure, we suggest choosing a cover that matches the color scheme of your wedding. If you’re still undecided, white and black are the most classic covers to pick!

The last choice to make will be text color & font. Our favorite text colors are gold or black, however we also offer white, silver, or no color (only for engraved leather albums).


The Design Process: 

As we mentioned before, we want to make this process as easy for you as possible! We offer two options for our couples: You can go through your gallery and choose your favorite photos and “must haves” for your album design, OR we can design the album based completely off what we think would look best, and then you can swap out photos later if needed.

After designing the album in a way that is visually appealing, we will send a proof for you to review. From here, you will then have two rounds of revisions to change layouts or swap photos. You can easily make comments on the proof so that we can make these edits! After the album has been approved, we will get it ordered!

Next thing you know, it will be on your doorstep!!

We would love to design an album for you! To inquire about wedding photography AND purchasing and album, contact us HERE. If you are a past client looking to purchase an album, send us an email HERE!


P.S. Even though this post was written specifically for couples purchasing an heirloom album with their wedding photos, we offer standard albums for portrait and engagement sessions. To learn more about options for this type of album, contact us HERE!

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March 14, 2023


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