Friday Introductions

HEY HEYYY! We’re here to let you into our lives a little bit. Aka make sure you’re up to date on our food trends. You think we’re kidding, don’t you? Keep reading 🙂

^^^ and yes, John’s decked out in his entire bananas outfit. Lookin cuteeee…

You’ll probably find us…FOOD EDITION:

At Chick-fil-a dipping our fries in Chick-fil-a sauce and taking the pickles off our Chick-fil-a sandwich to eat them plain. Is that weird, or just weird? ,

Blending up some smoothies to top with fruit, nuts, and honey. Or just hitting up Tropical Smoothie Cafe. Smoothies in any form are the best!!

Dumping all three of the tropical grille sauces on our lunch. Apparently we like sauces and tropical named restaurants?


You’ll probably find us…SHOPPING EDITION:

Trying on way too many Target clothes at once. How are they all so cute??

Gazing at all the neutral items and pots and vases in the magnolia section at Target.

Buying random things at…you guessed it…Target 😉 seeing a theme?


You’ll probably find us…FASHION EDITION

Wearing something blue. If we’re not, there might be a problem. It probably has stripes on it too.

With big earrings on. Love us some hoops and tassels!! Our earrings have slowly grown in size over the years haha!

Wearing sandals or boots. Winter = boots. Summer = sandals. It’s just how it goes, folks.


You’ll probably find us…TRAVEL EDITION

Wandering the streets of downtown Charleston and wondering why every town can’t have the same vibes as Rainbow Row. Not to mention the Spanish moss vibes that make every tree look 10x more elegant.

On our favorite island in Florida. We like to think it’s our own personal island, but it’s super not. Still cute though. Y’all should visit Amelia Island. Or maybe not, because we kind of like the crowd-less beaches 🙂

Hopping on a plane to go up north to Maine. Lobster…we’ll pass. (hahaha we can’t stop talking about food). Rocky coastlines? Lighthouses? Pine trees? Stunning views in every direction?…YES.


You’ll probably find us…FAMILY EDITION

Rounding up the siblings in an attempt to leave the house on time. There are five of us after all…

Buying one tube of toothpaste, one tomato and a box of pasta, because mom is always sending us in the store for odd items haha.

Using an entire loaf of bread to make sandwiches for lunch. 2 per sandwich x 7 people = 14 pieces of bread.

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April 3, 2020


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