Eighteen | Birthday Recap of the past year

Last year we did a birthday recap of the year and we loved it so much we thought we would do it this year as well!! Looking back on 2020 made us realize that A LOT of good things happened!

There were certainly some lows, so don’t let all these pretty pictures fool you. But there were SO many blessings as well and those memories are the ones we want to remember! Eighteen was a big year y’all! And now we’re onto our last year in our teens…which is weird. Totally had a few moments thinking we were turning 20 haha!!

Here is 18 in review!!

Snow! | Started off 18 with a South Carolina snowstorm! This 1/4 inch of snow resulted in some flocked trees which meant the tripod had to make an appearance!

Birthday Pizza | If you’re not signed up to get your FREE birthday pizza at Sidewall Pizza Company, you’re missing out. Huge fans of Hot Hawaiian and Spicy Italian!!

Snowboarding Trip #2 | This trip was after our birthday, so it made it on this year’s recap 😉 We went twice in 2020 and this round gave us some sunshine which was wonderful. Still geeking out over flocked trees.

We changed our brand name! | This was big!! What used to be Sprinkle Photography (our last name), became Jacqueline and Laura! We wanted our brand to be more personal and unique to us. And we also didn’t want people to think of little kids and cupcakes when they saw “Sprinkle” LOL.  And yes, it is the best last name ever 🙂

Quarantine Days | We convinced our mom to paint our dining room WHITE. Winning, right? Smoothie bowls continued on. Our family spent many, many days together. Thank goodness for spring weather and evenings outside!!


Charleston | We took a quick trip to Charleston in March, right as everything shut down. Door dash was a life saver! Can’t complain about being forced to stay outside in Charleston in the spring, honestly! You can view the full blog post from this trip here: A Weekend in Charleston, SC

Chicks & Goslings | Our family gets chicks every year to add to our growing flock of chickens, and this year we branched out and got geese too! We may have to get them every year now because they’re too cute to handle…

High-school Graduation | In May we officially became high school graduates!! We graduated from a small school in Greenville with 12 other classmates. We miss it!

Andrew’s 8th Grade Graduation | When we said it was a big year, it really was!! Our brother, Andrew, completed his time at Camperdown Academy. He’s a high-schooler now!

Lake days at Jocassee | One of our favorite summer activities is kayaking!! The perfect way to get tan, enjoy the mountains, and be able to swim at any moment 😉

Edisto Beach | Our good family friends took a trip to Edisto with us! Their family has 5 kids as well, so it’s always quite a time when we’re with them (most aren’t pictured haha…not even sure we got a photo with everyone)! We had never been to this beach before so this was super fun. We finally pulled off this dream of ours!

Branding Session | Tiffany McClure Photography did our brand photos and it was SO fun! Tiffany is a blast and we absolutely love these photos!! P.S. y’all like watching my tan fluctuate throughout the year HA??

Food Obsessions | Would this be a year re-cap if it didn’t list all our food obsessions?? Nope. Tru-fru and Chipwhich’s made frequent appearances!!

Summer Styled Shoot at Aurora Farms | This styled shoot was all we had dreamed of!! Gorgeous summer colors, ice cream, and slowly light. You can view the full blog post from this shoot HERE!

Summer Days | More Chipwhiches. Peach cobbler. More Plants. Chipotle picnics. And meeting new friends at our favorite place to eat: Gather GVL!!

Florida 2020 | We have family in Florida so we go every year! Ft. our 7 person golf cart LOL. The Sprinkles do nothing small scale!! Florida blog post HERE!

Apple Picking at Skytop | Apple season is weird. You want to wear sweaters and cardigans. But if you wait for that crisp fall weather, you’ll be hunting high and low for apples LOL. And I wouldn’t even consider this “cool” weather. It was almost hot!! We still had a blast though 🙂 (because really, we were just there for the apple donuts..)

An uncountable amount of Amazon packages…| Do we have Amazon Prime? You BET we do! Did all these packages come in one day? Heck yeah they did!

The search for fall colors | Umm the leaves changed like the end of NOVEMBER this year. So we were a *little* early on this excursion. But we still found a few! 😉

Crumbl Cookies | Yep, more food obsessions. But y’all, Crumbl Cookies is the BOMB. We won’t tell you how many times we’ve been since this first photo…

Thanksgiving at Home | We don’t have extended family close by, and we weren’t able to travel so we had thanksgiving with our family. We had quite the feast! Also peep the kitchen in process…y’all see those white walls??

Christmas card 2020 | Did Milo the horse want to cooperate? For sure no. Was everyone else smiling for once? Yes, yes, they were. This year mom wanted everyone to have their favorite past-time/hobby/job (lol) incorporated into the photo!

Virigina | We went to visit our Grandaddy and cousins in Virginia right after Christmas! And there was snow on the ground!!

Charleston round 2 | Going to Charleston for work is something we would do every weekend! We shot Julia and Ryan’s wedding and Mallory and Brent’s portrait session and loved every second of it!

Boone, North Carolina | Another trip with our family’s besties!! This time we went snowboarding which is just a whole new LEVEL. It snowed, which was magical. It was absolutely freezing. But somehow we all made it down the slopes all in one piece and the trip was a success! Also still no picture of everyone…one day, one day haha!!

Our 2020 couples | Y’all, these 5 couples (and many other people) are what kept our business going and who gave us our purpose for this year. It was an honor to serve each of y’all! We love y’all!


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February 10, 2021


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